About us

Gesu School will prepare your child for success in high school and beyond

Gesu School began as a ministry of Gesu Catholic parish in 1925, under Jesuit pastorship. IHM sisters staffed the school at its founding and for many years thereafter. Gesu graduates have moved forward in successful careers, and the Jesuit and IHM heritage of excellence remains strong to the present.

It is from our long history that we have been able to become a staple of the Detroit educational community. Ultimately, our heritage, both academic and spiritually, allows us to not only better our community, but also our students.

Our Mission

As a school of the Archdiocese of Detroit our mission is to:

  • Proclaim the Gospel
  • Develop a faith community in which Gospel values are experienced, formed, and lived
  • Provide a learning environment that fosters academic excellence and supports Catholic identity
  • Respect and value the racial and cultural diversity that is unique to the Detroit area
  • Develop a personal relationship with Jesus